Woman told to cover up inappropriate outfit by flight attendants, given safety jacket to wear

Isabelle Eleanore (Source : Twitter)

An Australian OnlyFans content creator was kicked off a Jetstar flight after she was told her outfit was inappropriate.

Aussie Isabelle Eleanore was stopped for wearing a bikini-style crop top as she boarded the flight from Gold Coast to Melbourne on Monday.

The passenger claimed she was “humiliated” after she was given a high-visibility vest to cover herself with before taking her seat.

According to the Daily Mail, Eleanore claimed she was discriminated against.

“I am lost,” she wrote on social media. “Is it 1921 [and] not 2021?”

Eleanore, whose contributions to society are measured in Instagram followers and OnlyFans subscriptions, ultimately won in the end after lodging complaints with Jetstar.

The airline company eventually capitulated, issuing an apology and reminding their staff that there is “no policy on crop tops.”


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