Woman tries to use toy credit cards to pay for groceries, toy phone to call for help

A woman in Texas was filmed attempting to buy several items from a San Antonio convenience store using a toy credit card, and made a scene when the “charges” wouldn’t go through.

The obviously-confused woman -who slurred her speech when she spoke and had tattoos on her chest and face- appeared dead serious when she tried to make a purchase with what was obviously a child’s toy for make-believe transactions.

Despite getting assistance from the manager and an amused customer standing behind her, the woman did not seem to understand that her card was fake, and pulled out an equally-fake debit card as backup.

Needless to say, it didn’t work either.

“Girl, are you dead serious about this credit card?” the manager said.

“It’s a debit card,” the woman replied.

Finally, the woman pulled out a fake plastic phone with a sticker for a display. Getting fed up, the manager offered to pay for the goods if the woman could call him on the device.

No ring, no dial tone, no call.

“You can’t call nobody because that phone don’t work,” the manager said. “I told you, if you call me I’ll buy that stuff for you.”

According to the Daily Mail, the woman was asked to leave the store, no doubt confused by the ordeal.

 Video of the exchange was recorded by the clerk and gained serious attention after being posted online.

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