Woman who threatened to stab anyone who said ‘all lives matter’ sobs after she’s fired from dream job

Update: The recent Harvard grad who posted a viral Tik Tok clip about how she would stab anyone who said ‘all lives matter’ has been fired from her “dream job” ad Deloitte.

In her new rant Claria Janover blames “racist Trump supporters” for complaining to her employer and getting her fired.

She also attempts to publicly shame Deloitte for letting her go over the viral threats.


There’s something about Tik-Tok that seems to bring out the very worst of Americans- even those who graduate from Harvard.

One Ivy-League alum drove the point home for millions after she claimed that she would stab anyone who said “All Lives Matter.”

Claria Janover, a Connecticut native who graduated with a not-at-all surprising degree in government and psychology, took to TikTok to tell the world that she’s targeting people with the nerve, the sheer entitled caucasity to say ‘All Lives Matter.’”

“Imma stab you,” she repeatedly said. “Imma stab you, and while you’re struggling and bleeding out, I’m a show you my paper cut and say, ‘My cut matters too.”

While she eventually took the video down, the high-dollar college grad apparently forgot that the internet is forever- and the video of her acting like a lunatic was seen millions of times all over social media.

In other updates, Janover claims the whole thing was a joke, but noted that she isn’t too happy that she’s been reported to authorities and even gets threats.

“People are like, reporting me for domestic terrorism, tagging the FBI, Harvard, Cambridge police,” she said. “Apparently I’m threatening the lives of people- unlike cops, obviously.”

Despite having a top-notch diploma, it seems common sense was not a course taught at Harvard.

“Despite the death, rape, expulsion, and firing threats I got today…I am so grateful for everyone who has stood by, supported, & defended me and #BlackLivesMattter. I will not be silenced, shamed, or threatened into silence by bigoted trump fans who don’t understand analogies,” she wrote to her supporters on Twitter.

Created by a company that is not only known for data-mining but is ultimately controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, TikTok has been the platform of choice for rather outrageous behavior in recent months, including three girls who denounced anyone who wished to wear red, white and blue on the 4th of July.

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