Woman who was nearly killed with ax lovingly gushed about violent past of her boyfriend attacker

There is an old adage about women and their fascination with “bad boys”- and sometimes that affinity towards unsavory men costs them dearly.

Such is the case with New Yorker Jerry “Grim Creepa” Brown, a man who was once referred to by his girlfriend as “Mr. 187,” with the number being street slang for a murderer.

Angela Valle and her boyfriend, Jerry Brown. Credit: Facebook.

Brown was arrested and charged on Saturday with the murder of pregnant mother Savannah Rivera; and attempted murder of Brown’s girlfriend, Angela Valle.

Both women were hacked up with an axe by the “Grim Creepa,” who has been arrested thirteen times for crimes ranging from burglary and strangulation to drinking in public. He has spent a significant time in prison.

Rivera was nearly decapitated in the attack, and leaves behind a three-year-old son. Valle is currently recovering in hospital from multiple lacerations and a head injury.

Valle was infatuated with Brown, and was seemingly attracted to his criminal ways. In fact, she was the original source of his nicknames, “Grim Creepa” and “Mr. 187,” the latter a reference to the California Penal Code section for homicide.

“I love you Daddy,” she wrote on social media.

According to the New York Post, Brown was placed in psychiatric care, and reportedly cried when reporters told him that his girlfriend was fighting for her life.

It is unknown if the two will remain together, though it has -believe it or not- been known to happen in similar cases.

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