Woman wins award for anti-manspreading and pro-womanspreading chair designs

It appears they’ll hand out an award for just about anything these days.

A British University student was handed such an award for creating wooden chairs designs to raise awareness on the topic of “manspreading,” otherwise known as men sitting in such a way that they do not crush their reproductive organs.

Laila Laurel, who is set to graduate from the University of Brighton, invented the wooden chairs in such a way that it would force men to sit with their legs closed and encourage women to spread their legs apart.

The chairs were inspired by a social “issue” inspired by third-wave feminism, that seeks to combat how men sit, particularly on public transit.

“With my chair set I hoped to draw awareness to the act of sitting for men and women and inspire discussion around this,” Laurel told the Daily Mail last week.

Naming the chairs “A Solution For Manspreading,” Laurel was given the Belmond award for her “woke” design.

Laurel will be graduating this month with a degree in 3D Design and Craft.

Manspreading was officially made a word by the Oxford Dictionary after the practice suddenly became an unbearable social problem in 2013.

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