Woman with 20 animal-related criminal citations arrested after dog dies from being left in car

Screenshot from bodycam footage below

An Ohio woman was arrested after she left a husky dog to die in a hot vehicle.

Parma resident Kasey Wise, who has a list of prior animals neglect charges to her name, had called the police after she noticed her dog was no longer moving.

When bodycam-equipped police arrived, it was made apparent the dog had been left in the vehicle since early morning. 

The vehicle had been running, according to Wise, but “died” sometime during the day.

When an animal control officer saw the dog,  she became engulfed with rage.

“He’s dead,” the animal control officer said at the scene. “I want her f-ing arrested.”

Kasey Wise : Source – Parma Police Department

The police officer was similarly upset by the situation and showed empathy for the animal control officer.

According to Cleveland 19, Wise was booked with one count of felonious prohibitions concerning companion animals.


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