Woman with knife attempts to break into NYC apartment, falls multiple floors from fire escape

Video footage out of New York City shows a woman being tossed from a fire escape while fighting with a man, an incident that later ended in the man killing someone else.

35-year-old Erica Morel can be seen as she was thrown from the fire escape- though initial reports claim she “fell.”

While she managed to survive the three-floor fall, though Morel did end up in critical condition.

According to the New York Post, Morel was believed to have been fighting with the girlfriend of Dwayne Murray.

Morel is believed to be affiliated with Curtis Nicholas, a member of the Gorilla Stone Gang.

The Bloods affiliate would later be fatally stabbed by Murray, who would later be charged with murder.

“The cops who had been there earlier for the woman out the window had come back, and when they saw the video, they knew it was Dwayne Murray,” a NYPD “source” claimed.

The NYPD is currently investigating the incident.

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