Woman’s video advocating for men’s issues goes viral

A woman has taken to social media in defense of men, rejecting modernity and becoming a viral sensation in the process.

The woman, whose name is Chloe Sunderland (but goes by “roma_greek_goddess” on TikTok), put it all on the line as she asserted that men are under fire- and that “progressive” society has demonized them in such a matter that mistreating them has become not only acceptable, but encouraged.

“I’m tired of people asking me, ‘Why bother? Why advocate for men?’” she said. “Why advocate for men? Because men take up seventy-six percent of all suicides. Because men are not objects to use whenever we feel like it.”

The woman then went on to denounce modern ideas -and corresponding media- that encourage utilizing men like a “piggy bank.”

“They are treated like personal bank accounts,” she said. “If you don’t believe me, there is a song trending right now called ‘Make His Pockets Hurt.’ Listen to it, it’s pretty gross.”

Asking a rhetorical question, Chloe explained that nobody is advocating for men, instead jumping on the bandwagon that advocates for women.

“There are enough people doing that,” she said, “But there is nobody doing it for men.”

Ripped and shared onto Facebook by Harry Duncan III on Tuesday, the lifted video alone received 1.3 million views.

“She must be protected at all costs,” Duncan wrote.

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