“You were trying to screw my wife:” Man gets paid to give ‘coffin confessionals’ from the deceased during their funerals

An Aussie who formerly worked as a private investigator now crashes funerals on behalf of the dead, airing grievances that people could not get off their chest when they were still amongst the living.

Bill Edgar began the job when an elderly man handed him an envelope and asked him to crash his funeral.

When the man passed and they day came to put him in the ground, Edgar did as promised and interrupted the eulogy, which was presented by the late man’s best friend.

Listing off a roster of names, Edgar then read the man’s words.

“Can you please stand up – can you f**k off. I haven’t seen you in 30 years. Why are you here? F**k you,” the note read.

He then looked to the “best friend,” who suddenly had cause to be nervous.

“I know you were trying to screw my wife,” the old man wrote in the letter. “To my wife, I love you more than anything and you didn’t do what my mate tried to put you through. I’m always thinking of you.”

According to the Daily Mail, 88 people came to the funeral, but over half soon departed- afraid they would be next.

Since then, Edgar has been a “coffin confessor,” and charges several thousand dollars per funeral. The majority of his cases involve exposing infidelities or confessing minor crimes.

Edgar has considerable power- he can demand mourners be removed from funerals, and will even go to his clients’ homes to dispose of items that they may not want to be found after they are long gone.

The confessor has operated across Melbourne, Brisbane and New South Wales

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