Young woman live streams herself putting a dog in a dryer and laughing about it (Disturbing Content Warning)

A girl desperate for attention on social media has joined several others just like her in an infamous rash of live-streamed animal abuse cases.

The young woman, believed to be from Dallas, Texas, laughed as she threw the Shih Tzu into a clothes dryer during an Instagram Live video, all while her followers cheer her on.

“I’m gonna do it,” she said. “I’m gonna put his a** back in the dryer. He likes that s***.”

Shutting the door, the girl laughs hysterically as she turns the dryer on, tossing the dog about within.

Five seconds later, the girl opened the door and half-heartedly apologized to the tiny dog, all while laughing at it’s misfortune.

The video comes mere days after YouTuber Book Houts was caught abusing her dogs on camera, and less than a month after Twitch streamer Alinity threw her cat over her shoulder while on a live game feed.

According to the Daily Mail, the girl deleted her Instagram account after the sickening video spread across social media like wildfire.

Several users have claimed to have reported the girl to law enforcement and PETA.

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