‘Zombie woman’ attacks Uber driver’s car before biting him

A rideshare driver was attacked by an unruly woman in Atlanta, suffering bodily harm and vehicle damage following the random assault.

The woman, who was filmed climbing atop of the Uber-designated Prius, ripped off a windshield and stomped on the car’s hood before opening the door to go for the driver, Yasser Hadi.

Getting her hands on him, she attempted to get inside, but was instead thrown to the ground after the driver resisted.

The fight was now on, and the woman punched the Hadi before he put her in a headlock, only for the woman to bite him in the torso.

According to ABC 7, Hadi was in great pain from the bite.

“The pain is horrible pain,” he said. “A dog does not bite like this. She’s still biting while I’m pulling for about 30 seconds.”

Hadi, who lacks medical insurance, has yet to go to the doctor.

The incident began after Hadi dropped off a passenger, only to have the woman randomly approach his vehicle and begin arguing with him.

Witnesses were happy to film the woman’s seemingly drug-induced interaction, but did not step in.

“Lol i can’t make this up,” tweeted @ImSoRico, who filmed the incident. “Last night I witnessed the zombie apocalypse.”

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